The Evolution of Mac OS Versions


It’s OK if you don’t like your current macOS. While every release of Mac’s operating system introduces new features and kills the old ones, there are many reasons you might want to get the old Mac OS versions back.

But before you make this radical decision, make sure you understand what you’re going to sign up for. We’ve collected the full list of Mac OS X and macOS versions to illustrate how they changed and evolved. Apple has a funny naming tradition – since 2001 the new releases have been named after animals and California landmarks. Therefore, it’s pretty easy to memorize what each of them represents. For instance, Sierra is associated with the release of Siri, Lion is known for the release of Launchpad, and Yosemite brought Mac a completely redesigned interface.

Have a look through the key highlights of macOS in the following feline infographic – pick what your Mac needs, and run a clean install in seconds.

Evolution of Mac OS Versions

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