Top 10 Brands on Facebook

Facebook advertising, marketing, and promotion has become a hit not just with the small and medium sized companies, but also with the top most brands like Coke, Starbucks, Oreo, etc. Facebook advertising charges very less fees if you want to promote your Facebook page. In this infographics titled, “Top 10 Brands on Facebook” you will see the top ten brands that have gained maximum profits in a span of six months.

Since the advent of Facebook, the entire outlook of digital media and the digital space has changed. Just by creating a Facebook page you can start promoting your personal brand and gain popularity. Even if you have a blog or a product, you can easily gain a lot of users using Facebook advertising campaigns. It gives you full control over the settings, administrative rights, updates, and the entire process of promoting your brand, either for free or charging a bare minimum cost.

Spending on newspaper and print ads is passé. If you compare the amount you would spend on print ads and the amount you would spend on Facebook to promote your brand, the margin is very high. You will be saving thousands of dollars and still be getting a maximum reach. So, taking the example from these info graphics about how even the international brands have gained huge profits from Facebook ads, it gives you an insight into using Facebook, effectively.


Not much to like. It only gives a table of information about top brands that have gained profits using Facebook.


Obsolete data, dated in the year 2011.

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top ten brands on facebook infographics


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