Top 10 Famous Assassins in the World


Do you have a thing for the assassins? If you thought assassins work hideously behind the mask and hide in plain sight once their job is done, you are wrong. There are assassins who are too proud of their deed to hide amongst the masses. Their deed brings a false sense of pride in them due to which they seek the limelight and they would well rather be recognized and go to jail for that deed rather than get back to doing what they did. Below in this infographic is a list of such maniacs who are the brains behind the assassination of the top VVIPs of the world.

This infographic called “Top 10 Famous Assassin” would make you think twice about the innocent faces behind these murderers. The infographic also depicts the method each of them used for their execution – each of which is different and more bizarre than the other. Yes, most of them were killed either by a gun or a rifle, but some were also killed by poisons.

The first person who tops this list is the infamous Marcus J. Brutus, who was behind the death of his dearest friend and contemporary Julius Caesar. Even though the weapon which he used to do the deed is unknown, it is said that he used a blow to put him to death. Read on to know more about it.

Likes: The infographic is perfectly arranged. The space has been well distributed to depict the different things.

Dislikes: There is nothing unlikeable.

Famous Assassins Infographic


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