Can You Afford To Die?

Death as it turns out, is an expensive affair. You need money even to die. Have you ever given that a thought? Everything requires your penny. You better start saving for your death, if not for your life. This infographic will tell you how money is required even when you are dying. If you think practically, this is true. Right from a death certificate from the doctors, to the burial or cremation ceremony, leave aside the funeral, everything requires money. That makes me think what happens to those who live by the roadside? Who knows!

Check it out. The β€œCan You Afford To Die?” infographic asks you a simple yet serious question. The average cost of the American funeral was above six thousand dollars in 2006. It has of course increased over the years. This infographic gives you the whole map of America, telling you which parts of America are easier on the burial terms, that is, which part offers the cheapest rates in terms of burial and funeral. It turns out that death could be expensive depending upon which part of the world you reside in. has released this issue which must be looked at carefully. It seems like people have to start saving separately for their death too, leave alone their living state.

Likes: The pictograph is very to the point. It nails it. There is nothing over done in the infographic. The information and data are adequately provided. It looks very arranged too

Dislikes: None.

This Infographic displays – Can You Afford To Die?.

Can You Afford To Die


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