There Grows My Baby! Milestone Guide

In the first month of life, babies usually catch up and surpass their birth-weight, then steadily continue to gain weight. A weight loss up to about 10 percent of birth-weight is normal in the first two to three days after birth. However, the baby should have gained back to his or her birth-weight by about the 10th or 11th day.
At this early age, crying is a baby’s only form of communication. At first, all of a baby’s cries sound similar, but parents soon recognize different types of cries for hunger, discomfort, frustration, fatigue, and even loneliness.
Sometimes, a baby’s cries can easily be answered with a feeding, or a diaper change. Other times, the cause of the crying can be a mystery and crying stops as quickly as it begins. Regardless of the cause, responding to your baby’s cries with a comforting touch and words are essential in helping your baby learn to trust you and rely on you for love and security. You may also use warmth and rocking movements to comfort your baby.
this infographics make you understand the growing of your baby till the time they get used to our lifestyle and environment

The concept of this infographic is based around a baby’s first 24 months of life, and all the amazing accomplishments a baby will make.

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There Grows My Baby! Milestone Guide

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