2012: 5 End of the World Predictions Debunked

There has been tremendous aura surrounding the so called “end of the world” theory on 21st December, 2012. Redleafloans.ca’s infographic seeks to decode 5 such predictions and prove/disprove their validity. We review this infographic to find out to what extent this was achieved.

The debate over when the world will end is without a doubt a hot topic among conspiracy theorists. Even Hollywood went on to make a movie on this topic in 2009, aptly titled 2012. In today’s technologically advanced and progressive society, such theories generally make for good sci-fi reads. Our instincts as perceivers of information are in an evolved state, pushing us to make informed decisions as we live in an age of information. We are no longer in the primeval or medieval eras. Keeping this in context, this infographic aims to provide a clear picture to hoards of people who have been torn between practicality and fantasy towards this 5000 year plus prediction.

The infographic is designed like a sci-fi movie poster.It portrays the right image for its content and the content is extremely sardonic and funny. For instance, Prediction 1 states that the Mayan Calendar claims the world ends on 21st December, 2012. It is the time when the “largest grand cycle of 1,872,000 days or 5125 years overturns”. Why view this as the end of the world? If this is not how we view each New Year’s Day, then what is? Sounds like a good reason to party, the infographic simply re-enforces the bizarreness of this claim by the Mayan Calendar.

This is what the infographic does well – negate the conspiracy by supplying is with cold hard facts. Prediction 2 states Continents will Breakaway and Destroy Civilization. The Truth? Researchers have proved that a pole shift of 30” occurs on earth at the rate of per 1 million years. It also inspires the reader to go watch Al Gore’s movie on Global warming, sarcastically convincing the world that we are safe enough to watch a few more “fear inducing Hollywood flicks for now”.

My personal favourite is the one about the Big Bad Sun Burning us alive. As a kid, I often visualized the sun, a massive bulb of radiance with fangs of vengeance and an appetite of an obese kid gobbling us up emphatically. I used to think – oh no, should I make the trip to the moon and just camp there for a few years to be safe. The visual depiction of this phenomena is nicely shown – with the sun acting like a fiery persona that is encapsulating the earth in a spell. The good news? It’s another billion years before this actually happens.

I must thank Redleafloans.ca (This site offers payday loans in Canada) for this infographic – its been an extremely informative, hilarious and fascinating reading experience.

2012: 5 End-of-the-World Predictions Debunked

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