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The World of Programming

Computers have revolutionized the world entirely. There is no doubt about this. Development in computers has given rise to a lot of things. Programming has also developed immensely owing to this.
This infographic titled “The World of Programming” clearly points out the developments in the world of programming. This infographic covers details about the pioneers in the field, the facts and algorithms and also the statistics pertaining to the world of programming.
The infographic below also has a detailed timeline of the history of development of programming languages. The timeline covers the developments from the year 1843 to 1995 presented in a very distinct and immaculate way paying homage to the pioneers and researchers who helped develop these languages.
The contributions of Charles Babbage, Alan Turing, Ada Lovelace, John von Neumann, Dennis Ritchie, Donald Knuth, Bill Joy, Ken Thompson have been highlighted in this amazing infographic on the world of programming. The key programming concepts have also been highlighted at the end. This infographic though consists of vital information pertaining to the field of programming, it also makes use of colourful tools to aid simplicity for better understanding.
Likes: Use of graphical tools, creative and informative
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The World of Programming


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