A Brief History Of The Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang

If there is something that a car enthusiast must know, then it is the brief history of the Ford Mustang. It is vital for a car enthusiast to know the story behind Ford Mustang as much as it is important for a physicist to know the laws of thermodynamics.
This infographic titled “A Brief History of the Ford Mustang” brings out the brief history of the American motor company that made available a stylish and sports car to the world at an affordable price. This infographic covers up all the events since 1964 when Ford Mustang was shown in the World Pavilion at the World’s Fair in New York.
It also covers all the major events till the year 2010. This company has ruled the hearts of the people for almost 40 years. The evolution of the variants has been beautifully described in the timeline. Extraordinarily attractive yet economical models of Ford Mustang have ruled the market place ever since its first model was rolled out in the year 1964.
The fifth generation car which is the latest by the manufacturers has received a significant makeover. This infographic covers all the changes that have been to the latest model. The Ford Mustang is just an average car, but rather a symbol of coolness and an all American Classic. It was so popular that many of the action movies had features the Ford Mustang during the 70’s and 80’s.

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The Ford Mustang Infographic

Courtesy: autoinsurance.org

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