The Life of Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse, the popular Brit singer died at the age of twenty seven. Though she was a drug addict, the cause of her death is still unknown. She had a pretty interesting story, a lifestyle, and certain personality disorders that added to her junkie life. In this infographic titled, “The Life of Amy Winehouse” you will read about the complete life of the Brit singer, Amy Winehouse.

She was born to a taxi driver and a pharmacist. She was a self taught singer and a guitarist. She started singing and playing guitar at the age of seventeen. She also started a small band rap called, Sweet ‘n Sour at that age. She has been popular for her voice and her unique appearance. Her appearance was a mixture of tattoos and retro hairstyle with a ribbon. Her albums won many prestigious awards, like the Emmy awards, Grammy awards, the World Music awards, etc.

Her voice was often compared to Nina Simone and Susan Vaughan. Her debut album, Frank, was released in the year 2003 and it hit the platinum sales in UK. Her second album which was released in the year 2006 too received multiplatinum sales worldwide. Amy has been arrested numerous times for assaulting fans. She suffered from borderline personality disorder, drug abuse, bulimia, and self mutilation. She was paid twenty thousand pounds for performing in a Geek couple’s wedding.


The interesting life of Amy Winehouse depicted in a single infographic.


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Amy Winehouse


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