Gold vs Cats

A cat person who is disinterested in a lot of gold and loves their cat a tad bit more than gold or anything else must have inspired in the creation of this infographic. Gold vs Cats info graphics is purely for cat lovers and lol cat lovers too. In this infographic titled, “Gold vs Cats” you will read about the umpteen reasons why cat is any day better than gold.

An amusing infographics, definitely not for goldsmiths or jewelry lovers, unless you want to purchase some gold for your cat. As per this info graphics, cats are worth more than gold or may be even diamonds. Reasons you should have cat instead of gold is that you can see their shiny eyes in the dark. You can get an alert, agile pet, an attribute which is not found in gold.

Once you have gold, it just does not move. Though the prices of gold do move up and down, a cat however, never sits in a single place. Cats, as per this info graphics, are older than gold and existed on this plane of Earth even before gold could be mined. Therefore, cat lovers will prefer cat and not gold as a cat also conserves a lot of energy, as per this info graphics. The sense of cats smell is more heightened as compared to humans.


This infographic shows the love for cats by a cat’s lover.


Some people may find this an irrelevant and absurd comparison between cat and gold.

Gold vs Cats


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