The 2011 Web Analytics Review

For anyone having a website, the web performance can be analyzed through Google’s web analytics. There are many metrics that a web analytics tool will give, which gives a webmaster an insight into the performance of the website. In this infographic titled, “The 2011 Web Analytics Review” you will see about the web analytics metrics of Google in the year 2011.

The most basic metrics calculated to see about the web performance is the number of page visits in a day, the bounce rate, and the average time spent by the user on the website. This gives an insight into which pages of the website are most visited and which ones are least visited. Thus, when one has this data, they can improvise their website in a way to make it more interesting for any user to spend an average time of at least one to two minutes on the website.

The content is also made relevant, engaging, easy to read, and error free. Most of the website owners make it a point to ensure that they are publishing original content that is in compliance with most of the web master guidelines not just in terms of content but also the web design and web layout. You can get a review of your website using web analytics at any given instance. So, even if you have a blog, web analytics can be useful to you.


Basic information about Google’s web analytics.


Might only interest someone who is into internet marketing.

The 2011 Web Analytics Review

Source: The 2011 Google Web Analytics Review Infographic

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