The Great Indian Divide

According to reports almost 37% of India still lives in poverty – that’s a huge number for a country from which some people feature in the Forbes wealthiest list. The basic divide, that is the gap between the rich and the poor is seemingly on the rise and if it is not immediately checked, the results will be more shocking in the immediate future.
Let us check what the stats are saying – firstly there is a huge lack in the people’s basic requirement that is, food. In this infographic, you can clearly see that the number of people who are malnourished is almost equal to the number of five star hotels opening up.
The degree to which India’s health care too is unevenly distributed among the privileged and the underprivileged is really an eye opener. This infographic should be shared as much as possible among all Indians. Just like other, very popular issues, poverty will eat up India from the inside out, if its not dealt with properly.
Likes: The stats are shown in a very convincing manner. The points all hold true and they seem realistic to think about. The contrast clearly shows.
Dislike: The points could have been explained more elaborately as well as more points could have been introduced.
The Great Indian Divide Infographic


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