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How Google Works Infographic

Did you know that Google has an intricate system of working? Check this infographic out if you do not believe. Apparently how Google works is more complicated than you imagined. Only this minimalistic infographic could have charted out the working so of Google in such simple and easy-to-understand manner.
Did you know Google bots will follow links on your site? And if there are no links, your site will not get checked deeply and/or regularly? These are some fine tips that any entrepreneur with an online business could use.
This infographic also states that one of the best kept secrets of Google is its data center. There is just so much information in this little piece of graphic, that one could get their best tips for blog promotion and other aspects through this one.
A huge chunk of information has been served to the masses here, all depicted clearly below. Finally, all of Google’s secrets are out in just this one post. It is a must read for everyone because we all use Google daily.
Likes: Very intricate details mentioned in easily readable manner. There is little that is left out.
Dislikes: Probably could’ve flowed better with a different flow chart.

This Infographic Highlights How Google Works. Courtesy:

How Google Works Infographic

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