Is it a Luxury

In today’s fast paced life, we are motivated by the will to please ourselves, to capture those few moments of joy and relief, when our hard work has really translated into achievement. But in this era of consumerism, how far do we come to think that we have really spent more than we needed to. May be it is time to stop and think whether we really need something or are we just fooling ourselves?
This infographic aims to educate us about the things we would really buy if we didn’t have the luxury of buying most other things. It begs us to ask the question– most of the things that we purchase are they for luxury or are they really things we need?
This infographic could also be an eye opener for a shopaholic for they would come to know how much they spend and how much they actually need those things.
Likes: The questions are realistic. Everyone can resonate to at least a part of this infographic. It also provides alternatives that could lead you to less spending.
Dislikes: The only complaint we have is that it could include more questions that showed more ways we could avoid the luxurious items, that way more people could relate to it.
Luxury Infographic


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