Web Developers vs Web Designers

Ever wondered what distinguishes web developers from web designers? For an average man, they can be as good as the same thing. But this infographic aims to educate people about the differences in their personal lifestyles and thus how vastly their profession also differs, in a humorous way.
Apart from the job differences and their lifestyle differences, it also shows how they are affected by diseases and each disease associated with each of these professions is shown. Right from the most obvious fears to the most basic thing they go through are similar and different in many aspects. All these differences are put forward cleverly by this infographic.
Did you know there is a vast difference between the salary structures of the two as well? Have a look at this picture to see how different they are right from the way they look, to the way they might spend for the rest of their lives. If you are a student aspiring to become any of the two, then you must consider having a look at it.
Likes: It describes both the jobs in a funny way. Covers almost all aspects.
Dislike: Could have added more information like work hours, average age, gender ratios and so on.
Web Developers vs Web Designers

Courtesy: landingpages.co.il

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