The Future of Advertising Technology

Since the digital age advertising has become easier giving businesses a variety of platforms to advertise, online advertising is one of the biggest factors for businesses to grow. Right from internet, mobile, television and a variety of platforms, businesses benefit a great deal by promoting their brands. In this infographic titled, “The Future of Advertising Technology” you will see a variety of platforms through which businesses can advertise their brands and products.

Though many mobile apps are created about the products of the business to generate interest amongst the customers, it also aids in advertising and promotion of that brand or product. You can also set up small kiosks in a mall or a store that displays the information and an ad about your product. This too can create brand awareness and let customers know about your product/s.

This is one of the oldest yet widely used form of advertising. Many advanced forms of advertising is used by Intel and Microsoft, such as facial recognition ads. This lets the business get a feedback on the number of male and female users for their products. Location based advertising that is made available to most of the mobile users is going to grow vastly in the way a business chooses to advertise their products.


Information about advertising and tools used in advertising that will help businesses grow.


The information in this infographic is too technical and has some jargons that a common user might not understand.

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The Future of Advertising TechnologyT


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