Video Game Evolution

If you thought that Mario or NES games were the first successful games created, then you must know that the first console game was created in the year 1972 by Magnavox Company. They were the first creators of video games and their first game was a ping pong video game. In this infographic titled, “Video Game Evolution” you will see some the history of video games and how they have evolved over time.

Most of video game console in the eighties didn’t require lot of processing power as the images were too pixelated. But today’s video games need a powerful processor and also a video graphics card with a much higher configuration. Also many accessories are also made available like the remote, the joystick, etc.

Your favorite game character Mario which was first created in 8-bit is now advanced to 10MB. You can see vast changes in sound, graphics, and also the look and feel of every game that gives a movie-like experience while playing these video games. They have a story, are inspired from books, novels, and also movies. You have many advanced levels and most of them are also strategic. The below infographic also shows the growing popularity of home consoles– research shows at least half the households in the US have one video game console in their homes. This is a testimony to the fact that gaming is the newest pastime of most people, both young people and adults.


Detailed information about the evolution of video games and the consoles since its advent.


Not much information about genres of video games, etc.

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 Video Game Revolution

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