Santa Claus and Corruption

People grow up, but the child in them never does. It remains there always asking for rewards and gifts, even from Santa Claus. But this video depicts a lot more than that. It depicts how the needs and wants of the adults are never satisfied even after they grow up. Sometimes, these needs are met by unfair means. This video uses a very simple undertone to highlight this issue. Corruption prevails, and even Santa Claus has to bear its price. Due to this never ending lust for more, often times we end up taking what is dear to the other, like in this case, the teddy bear of the child.

In this video “Santa Claus and Corruption” it is shown in a funny manner, how corruption has managed to grasp Santa Claus too. It is a hypothetical satire which shows that even mystical figures from our culture have to undergo corruption at one point or the other. But more than other things, this video will give you hope. It is for all those who think that they alone can’t make a difference – because they can. And truly it will make you think again.

If you have ever faced a situation close to it, you can relate to this video. And if you have ever felt hopeless about the current state of the world, this video will give you hope.

Likes: A seemingly innocent video that has a hidden message underneath.

Dislikes: The video could have been longer.




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