ATMs in India

Did you ever want to get fast cash withdrawal? Yes, we are talking about ATMs. This infographic delivers to you the knowledge about the fastest growing public sector bank ATMs around India. In this short picture one can get to know how the various public sector banks are expanding their ATM base in the country. If you have an account in any of the major public sector bank, you’d surely not want to miss out on this infographic called “ATMs in India”.

The information in it is highly dedicated to providing valuable feed regarding the ATMs that these banks have got spread all across the country.  Undoubtedly State Bank of India tops the chart with having the highest number of ATMs amongst the public sector bank category in the country. Truly, it is the largest operating bank in the country with millions of users having an account. Indeed, it has the largest number of people subscribing to it.

Just in case you are stuck in a necessity of availing some cash, you know where to be looking. This infographic has been issued by the KBK infographics with data collected from the Ministry of Finance. So the data is probably the most accurate you will find anywhere. You might want to get a quick look into it, to get to know more about ATM withdrawal kiosks in your area. These are excellent in giving you pointers.

Likes: The information is brief but very educational. The illustration catches the eye.

Dislikes: There is nothing to be disliked about it. What we would’ve likes is a state-wise distribution of the bank ATMs so we know where each state stands.

ATMs in India Infographics


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