Photography Tips

If you are a shutterbug junkie who likes to shoot photographs that are not just in the auto mode, then this infographic on photography might just help you. For instance, you can use a diffuser to remove dark shadows while taking photographs. In this very informative infographic titled, “Photography Tips” you will get some basic information on how to take pictures in a variety of light and shadows using a DSLR camera.

If you want to click a stable image even in low light, there are a few manual adjustments that you can make and also look for the values of the aperture. There are many factors that you can keep in mind when shooting with a DSLR camera. Things like ISO, aperture, lens, exposure, indoor and outdoor light, manual focus or the auto focus, etc all matter. Sometimes you might also have to shine some light on the object you want to photograph.

Photography is about learning to manipulate light and shadows to create a beautiful photograph that does not look amateurish. The auto mode is for amateurs. If you are a beginner in the class of photography, then you can have a look at this infographic and get some basic idea about photography. Learn when to zoom, when to use flash, and more such things when taking photographs.


This infographic has many basics of photography. Overall quite useful for the beginners.


For someone who is at an advanced level of photography, this doesn’t offer anything new.



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