Internet in 2020

As much as the internet is a great place to learn stuff and also a good source to generate revenue if used constructively, it can also be quite misleading. If you are aware of phishing, spam mails and know that you don’t have to click those links, then you are safe. In this infographic titled, “Internet in 2020,” you will see how vulnerable internet can be if you are not careful about how you use it.
If you are used to purchasing stuff online, then you have to be extra careful about giving your details online and see that the website from which you are purchasing items is an authentic one. Else, there is a possibility of your card details being stolen and misused. Also, be very careful posting your resume online. You might get scammed with regard to any employment or business opportunities, especially, the ones that sound too good to be true and have get-rich-quick schemes.
Spoofing, phishing, overpayment, over charging are just a few kinds of frauds that people experience online. Therefore, whenever you are making a transaction online, always make it through a secure payment gateway that has a signed, authentic web certificate. There are many kinds of scams and spam mails containing virus links and can damage your computer files when you click on them. Using the internet cautiously is always a wise thing to do. Overall a very informational infographic.
Information about the loop holes of using internet that the user can be cautious about, quite exhaustive.
Could have been a little compact.
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