Online Dating Statistics

We cannot say it enough: what is in written material (such as the following “Online Dating Statistics” infograph is not as important as what has been excluded. In this case, it is mentioned that 54 million people in the United States are single (and, by implication, ready for dating). But, like the debate over when human life begins, when does being “single” begin?

Teenagers who are just 16 years old often are in a girlfriend-boyfriend relationship, and even pre-teens sometimes go out on dates. Are they (and by implication, all pre-teens and teenagers) included in the 54 million?

At the other end of the age spectrum, would a 95 years old person whose spouse passed away recently be considered as being “single”? We will not begrudge a 95 years old person from seeking another relationship but we do find it peculiar that this would be an expectation.

We have also heard and read numerous times that being in a supermarket is a great way to meet other single people. However, this often repeated statement does not appear in the Top 5 places in the “Dating Tips” section. Either it was not true before, or it is not true now (perhaps in this online world of ours, no one goes to brick-and-mortar shops anymore), or that it is #6. In any case, we feel that it has merit and ought to have been mentioned.

Likes: There is a tremendous amount of helpful information. Read and use them and you will not be single for much longer.

Dislikes: The lies that men and women use are too well known and are too obvious for this infograph.

Learn more statistics and facts about online dating as brings you our own Online Dating Statistics Infographic. Enjoy and Spread the word!

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