Cosmetic Surgery in the US

Anybody hear of “Tanning Mom”?

Of course, Patricia Krentcil was little known in 2011 when this “Cosmetic Surgery in the U.S.” infograph was published. Of course, she was famous (or infamous) for being very peculiarly tanned and for bringing her six years old daughter to a tanning salon. Most of all, she was infamous for tanning, not for cosmetic surgery, but she is emblematic of Americans’ fixation with outward appearances.


We find it surprising that this infograph did not provide information on Americans’ pets undergoing cosmetic surgery, of which we are certain that there are many examples (as well as that of the Japanese, who seem to be global leaders in peculiar fashions and trends).

We find it surprising that Americans have eyelid surgery. In doing research on George Clooney (below), we found out that he said that that he had his eyes corrected through plastic surgery. This seems to have been done in a joking manner (George is famous for playing pranks) and which may or may not be true. However, it seems that many more people have actually had this procedure done.

The infograph does raise a joke, though. It is stated that 63% of women want bigger boobs. The authors neglected to mention that 100% of men want women to have bigger boobs.

In short, though, the excesses did not really surprise us. However, we were somewhat amazed that 40% of men were slightly to greatly interested in cosmetic surgery. We suppose that many men want to look like George Clooney. Of course, this is ironic since George Clooney has had little or no cosmetic surgery done on him.

Likes: We especially appreciated the breakdown based on regions.

Dislikes: If cosmetic surgery is actually extremely prevalent then this infograph seems short and incomplete.

Cosmetic surgery infographic depicting facts and statistics on Cosmetic Surgery in the US.

Cosmetic Surgery in the US 1

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