Blood Facts and Statistics

“I vant to drink your blood statistics.”

Well, perhaps Bela Lugosi never did say that, but he might have if he had seen the “Blood Facts and Statistics” infographic. The infographic is specifically geared toward the urging of donating blood (something that we are certain would please every vampire). Perhaps because of the narrow theme, there are not many facts and statistics (which is always a shame in infographs). Moreover, they do not seem to be unduly unknown or surprising.

However, we did find it hopeful that one pint of blood can save up to three lives. It seems that not much blood can spell the difference between life and death. We were slightly discouraged though, that the life-saving blood could be stored for no more than five days. That means that there is always a high turnover in blood and, it can safely be assumed that there could be a great waste of blood.

Again, there is a paucity of statistics, so to satiate your thirst for blood (if you are indeed Bela Lugosi or perhaps Christopher Lee) we have searched high and low for these other morsels. If your blood type is AB+ then you can receive blood from virtually anybody else; if your blood type is O- then you can give blood to virtually everyone.

Also, the statistic about five day’s retention was incomplete and unclear. From another source, we found that platelets need to be used within five days; red blood cells are useable up to 42 days; and plasma can be frozen and stored up to one year. However, are neither doctors nor biologists and do not know the difference.

Likes: The theme for the need of hospitals for blood.

Dislikes: The statistic regarding the platelets certainly needs to be elaborated upon and clarified.

Health infographic depicting interesting facts and statistics about the vital fluid called blood.

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