Holiday Retail Winners and Losers

The wonderful thing about history is that it can teach us about the future or, in many cases, our recent past. Such is the case with the “Holiday Retail Winners and Losers” infographic. This infographic, published in 2011, stated that one of the biggest losers was Gap. In 2015, we have heard that this clothing retail store may have to file for bankruptcy.  Two other losers were Sears and JC Penny. However, these last two retail giants have been in a downslide for very many years so even in 2011, this should have come as no surprise.

No one needed to tell us, either in 2011 or now in 2015, that Amazon and Walmart would be big winners during the holidays; they are always big winners. However, we do wonder why Amazon was placed ahead of Walmart. The former’s profit margin is extremely tiny.

We do wonder if, how and why television viewer ship goes down during the holidays season. It seems to us that a tremendous number of people watch sports during this time. Perhaps, though, there is a greater decrease in viewers of other shows than there is an increase of viewers of sports games. If this is true then it would have been nice if the infographic explained that.

Finally, we are beginning to wonder if, how and why there are losers during the holidays. Summer rental is listed as a loser. However, businesses and industries make accommodations for off-season. No one needs a warm jacket during the summer but, to make up for that, businesses offer steep discounts to continue to entice shoppers.

Likes: There is a great wealth of information here; enough to last throughout the year.

Dislikes: We would not be in the Christmas spirit if we found something to dislike about this infographic.

This new infographic from FastUpFront takes a look at which businesses take a loss, and who still prevails during the holiday season. [Click here for full size image]
Holiday Retail Winners and Losers 1


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