Merry Christats

Merry Christats 1

Recently, we came across another infograph about Christmas. In that one, the (peculiar, strange or different) holiday traditions around the world were mentioned. Many of them made Christmas seem more like Halloween than Christmas. We do not believe that Australia was mentioned in that one.

However, in this one, called the “Merry Christats” infograph, Australia is featured. This reaffirms our sadness for the country/continent. Other than the religious aspect of the day (the supposed day on which Jesus Christ was born), the holiday is associated with such things as Santa Claus (in a very thick and warm red coat), snow, Christmas trees (with snow on them), hot toddies or other drinks to warm you up, and similar items.

Of course, none of this is pertinent to Australia as it is in the Southern hemisphere so it is actually their summer. Moreover, Australia is very temperate and never receives snow. In fact, the country is, to a very large extent, a desert.

Regardless, they do have their own Christmas traditions or variations. For example, instead of a Christmas ham, they apparently eat barbecued shrimp. In doing research on Australia (for other purposes) we learned that there are a tremendous number of immigrants to Australia (and especially residing in Sydney).  This is perhaps the reason for the graphic showing the many ways that “Merry Christmas” is said throughout the world.

And, like everyone else in the world, they want to travel, and there are about 100,000 more departures (perhaps so that Australians can get the real feel for the holiday) than arrivals (perhaps from those who do not like to be snowed-in).

Likes: We like the different perspective on this great day. We also like the design and layout of the infographic.

Dislikes: We found the “My day in beverages” section to be confusing and not well explained.

A shameless piece of self promotion for Christmas is always good. We call it a Christmas card. This year, wanted to create something that would engage the reader in a in old fashioned way – reading!

No bells, no whistles just a simple Infographic to display just how great it is being in Oz for Christmas

Merry Christats 2

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