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National Mortgage Brokers Day

July 18th is National Mortgage Brokers Day, brought to you by Association of Independent Mortgage Experts (AIME).

Why are we celebrating this day JUST for brokers – and why now?

The age of millennial shifts the market towards a more economical versus emotional drive to purchase a home. After a 10-year industry lull, independent mortgage brokers began to rise back to the surface. In doing so, millennial home buyers realized the benefits of researching all of their options and started using brokers for their mortgage needs. This increased the independent mortgage broker share of the housing market from 8% to 15% in just a year and a half, according to data from Inside Mortgage Finance. 

This year, we’re bringing you a number of ways to get involved and help spread the word that #BrokersAreBetter. See how you can show your support this #NMBD on AIME’s National Mortgage Brokers Day event page.

National Mortgage Brokers Day