How Does Music Influence Plant Growth?

Music and Plants

We have all heard that music influences plant growth in a positive way. It’s not just any urban legend that plants really hear sounds. Several experts have carried out various studies to learn about the effects of music on plant growth. JC Bose, an Indian botanist in the year 1962 conducted several experiments and proved that plants grew 20 percent in height when exposed to music.

The topic of this infographic is an interesting study that was conducted to examine the effects of classical and rock music on common houseplants. The plants included in the study were Bird’s Nest Fern, Nerve Plant, Golden Pothos, Prayer Plant and Jade Plant. It was found that listening to rock music deteriorated growth while plants thrived when exposed to classical music.

This study was carried out over a period of four weeks. Several crucial parameters were studied during this period such as grown height of the plant, leaf count and lost leaves. Although both rock and classic music stimulate overall health and plant growth, speedier growth overall is promoted when the plants are subjected to classical music.

However, those plants which were subjected to rock music recorded slightest incidence of dry leaves, browning and yellowing. This implies that rock music offers a healthier and steadier growth despite demonstrating slower growth results than classical music. The results may vary when different plants are subjected to different musical styles. This infographic helps you understand the detailed experiment carried out on common house plants and the results recorded. And yes, you too can carry out this experiment at home!

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How Does Music Influence Plant Growth?

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