The Most Popular Florida Cities To Buy A Home in 2019

The Most Popular Florida Cities To Buy A Home in 2019 1
Most Popular Florida Cities To Buy A Home

In recent years, the number of people moving to Florida and other ‘sunny’ states is steadily increasing. There are a lot of reasons that make Florida attractive to prospective home buyers that include endless outdoor activities to enjoy, great weather year-round, and an affordable housing market with many different real estate choices.  There are waterfront boating communities that offer deep-water dockage and ocean access close by. Or, you can choose from many world-class golf course communities that cater to novice and pro-golfers, alike. Plus, Florida offers retirement in style with clean, safe neighborhoods that feature brand new homes designed by well-known and respected architects and home builders. 

There is no doubt that Florida has a lot to offer potential home buyers, so let’s dive deeper into the most popular Florida cities in which to buy a home in 2019.

Brand New Homes in Port St Lucie, Florida

One of the most popular options for people today is building their own brand new home. This way buyers can control the look and feel of their properties, and can typically choose the location, as well. In 2019, people are looking for the best deals, which include increasing builder incentive programs like closing cost assistance, reduced interest rates, and low-cost upgrades and design options. To respond to the growing demand for new homes in Port St Lucie, builders have flocked to this area, and have transformed it into amazing neighborhoods and communities with luxurious homes.

Waterfront Homes in Coral Gables, Miami

Known as the first planned city in Miami, and one of the most desirable areas in which to live in Miami, is the sophisticated city, Coral Gables. The mere mention of this area makes you think of dollar signs, and for good reason, too. Coral Gables is host to some of the most exclusive waterfront homes in Miami, and the world, for that matter. But, for those who can afford the $1M – $45M price tag, you will enjoy some of the best lifestyle advantages money can buy. The truth is, even the wealthiest people are struck with excitement at the architectural designs and breathtaking views these homes can have. There is typically room for larger yachts and water toys on private docks that lead to an array of outdoor activities, sure to excite and inspire. Plus, being in Coral Gables means you’re close to high-end shopping malls, exceptional dining choices, and Miami’s world-renowned night life experiences.

Golf and Country Club Communities in Palm Beach, Florida

With year-round weather that makes being outdoors so enjoyable, it is no wonder the golf and country clubs are the first choice for many people in Florida. Residents can buy beautiful homes, villas, and condos set directly on golf courses designed by legendary golfers. There are brand new golfing neighborhoods being built today, plus old favorites that stand the test of time. Some of the most popular are PGA National, which is in the heart of Palm Beach Gardens, and has been a staple of the golfing community for decades. Other new golfing neighborhoods being built include Lotus in Delray and Claremont Club in Boca Raton, which cater to a new generation of golfing enthusiasts. Often, these clubs feature full social calendars for residents, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, state-of-the-art fitness centers and 5-star restaurants within the club. Many of the golf clubs in Palm Beach are affordable, and some even offer optional golfing memberships. You can expect to find homes for sale starting at $500K up through $3M, depending on the community you choose and the home you purchase.


There is considerable diversity and real estate options in the Sunshine State that attract new homebuyers, and people are moving here in growing numbers, year after year. Many folks choose to visit Florida first and experience these spectacular cities in person before they buy a home.  In any case, you are sure to find the perfect piece of paradise to meet, and even exceed, your expectations. If you are not completely familiar with the Florida city you’re looking to live in, then consult a local real estate agent before you begin your search. They can help you find the best fit for your specific needs, while ensuring you buy the best home for you, at the lowest price possible.

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