Mobile Phone Use Worldwide

Mobile Phone Use Worldwide
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Mobile phones have become such a common thing that imagining a life before mobile phones is difficult. Do you know which country has the largest usage of mobile phones around the world? This infographic tells you from which parts of the world the telecom operators get the highest sales. In other words, which countries have the highest average monthly minutes per user as well as the lowest.
Even though cell phones are slowly permeating several countries, including the third world countries and their villages, there is a high rise of cell phone usage amongst the users of all age groups around the world. People who had seen only fixed lines in their times are now carrying a cellphone – which is amazing to see how far we have come in terms of technology.
This infographic will show you that even though there is a rise in the number of monthly usage of mobiles in certain parts of the world, mobile phones are also penetrating rather slowly in other parts of the world.
Likes: The details of the most usage of mobile phones listed percentage-wise.
Dislike: More information could have been added and the details could be further divided into age groups and zones.
Mobile Phone use worldwide


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