3x Fewer People Using 8x More Water

Water is the basic source of life, but did you know that there are so few sources that provide clean water for your survival? This infographic clearly shows how water is clearly less available to those who are under privileged. Those living in the third world countries consume less than 0.1% of the volume of water than the first world countries consume.
Water is not as easily available as we think it is. Many people staying in the same city are deprived of water and the availability of water is biased on their financial status. Most of this is fresh water which forms only a small portion of the Earth, and even this water is unevenly distributed among the masses.
Upon a single look one can learn how the cost of water is high for those who are in the slums than those who belong to the middle class of the society. The diseases borne from water which could also be very easily prevented are disrupted and cause several deaths in children.
This infographic captures all this activity within a small frame, illustrating how water could be much better utilized. Moreover, it indicates that water consumption is more in the developed countries than in the developing ones. Have a look yourself.
Courtesy: seeyourimpact.org

Water Infographic

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