The Evolution of Windows

Gone are the days of human evolution, it is an old topic. With the highly evolved mankind, now is the era of technological evolution. Talking about technology, how can we forget the most popular operating system -Microsoft Windows? It has been with us for so many years. It has changed with changing times and hardware, and now it looks smarter than ever. This infographic describes the journey of Microsoft Windows in Darwin style.
Did you know Microsoft Windows was first developed in 1985? We bet you didn’t know that. This means that Windows today is just as old as our younger generation and look at the way it has come around. It is becoming sleeker and sharper with each newer version. But this development did not happen without a few obstacles.
Everything is depicted in a neat and easy-to-read format in this infographic. An account of each new version along with its accomplishments has been listed.
Likes: The presentation is well organized and readable. One can easily see the Darwinian evolution theme in there. It has a good list of events.
Dislikes: Maybe the usage of different colour palettes could have made it visually more enticing to the readers.
The Evolution of Windows


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