Iphone 5 Rumours

iPhone is probably one of the most sought after phones in the world. There are so many users of iPhone around the world that Android only comes second to the number of people that use the iPhone – and we know about billions of people who use Android. So this is why there is always a lot of buzz going around in the market regarding iPhones and their availability. These iPhones are often subjected to rumors as well. Here in this infographic called “iPhone 5 rumors” some of the rumors of iPhone 5 have been pointed out.

With these rumors, we can figure out how much craze there is in the market for the iPhones. But apart from that we can also see that in this infographic the rumors are depicted in a funny and humorous way. Although, some of the rumors are so shocking that if one was to believe them, one would think twice before purchasing these iPhones.

Even though many people are aware that these are rumors, what is unique about this infographic created in 2011 is that beside each rumor, the percentage of these rumors coming true has also been mentioned. This means that people are nowadays so aware of all the facilities of iPhone that they can gauge which rumor is to come true and which is likely not to.

Check out this infographic and find out which ones came true after all, and if the predictions were false.

Likes: The presentation and the arrangement.

Dislikes: Nothing.

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iPhone 5 Rumor Roundup [INFOGRAPHIC]

courtesy: mashable.com

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