NASA and Google Celebrate Milestones in Space Travel

Space Travel
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It has been a long time since NASA has had celebrated one of its glorious achievements in space travel. This infographic here has gathered together some awesome memories of NASA’s recent past in which they had accomplished some space targets.

Space Travel Facts

In April 20, 1981 the first space shuttle launch of NASA took place and it is over 30 years that this has happened. This infographic called “NASA and Google Celebrate Milestones in Space Travel” captures the moment of that journey towards space which NASA took a lead in, three decades ago.

This was the same date in which the Russian astronaut named Yuri Gagarin made his landing debut on the moon 20 years before that. So to make all these events carve their mark in history, this depiction has been made. It shows how Google and NASA have remembered these days, which will serve as memories to pass on to our future generations.

When you see YouTube and Google on these auspicious days, you will see that YouTube has a space like logo created on top of it and Google celebrates Yuri Gagarin’s space venture with a special animated Doodle. All these go along to say that these are interesting events – which you will see on this infographic as well. The infographic clearly captures all these special events in history and makes them even more fun to read. [via]

Likes: The infographic is a science lover’s paradise. It is fun, interesting and at the same time informative.

Dislikes: It could have used better color combinations.
Space Travel

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