Infographic: NBA and NFL Lockouts 2011

Name a year in which a professional sports league does not call a strike and have a subsequent lockout. They seem to not work more often than they do work. They seem to be akin to school teachers who work less than half of the year in terms of number of days, and then strike for more pay. Perhaps, though, we are simply being too hard on everyone (although the former, with their multibillion dollar budgets should be held to a high standard).

Regardless, we are very happy to present the “NBA and NFL Lockouts 2011” infographic.

It shows the impact of strikes and lockouts to the sports leagues and teams, particularly to Major League Baseball which seems to be the subject of many strikes. Baseball was especially hard hit in 2001, but that may have been due to the attacks of 9/11, which occurred during the baseball season.

It shows also the impact to the advertisers and to the television stations. It showed that lockouts could cost them one (for the NBA) up to three (for the NFL) billion dollars in lost revenue. We feel that this may be actually a low estimate, but it is possible that we are overestimating the costs and the number of ads.

Perhaps most of all, it shows the impact to sports bars, bookies, fantasy football clubs and to others.

Likes: The comparison of the costs of television commercials to the NBA and to the NFL.

Dislikes: This infographic is mostly of interest to someone who follows the NBA or the NFL closely and not to everyone.

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NBA and NFL Lockouts Infographic


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