Health and Wealth

Heath is wealth is a very famous proverb that would prove to be right at any age and any century. We live, work, and strive to create a valuable life. But for a few, the wealth gets washed out due to their bad health. This is because they develop addictions and live a life of complete indulgence without any restraint. In this infographic titled, “Health and Wealth” you will see how wealth is directly related to health and the amount you end up spending on hospitalization for a variety of common ailments that take up lot of your wealth.

Every part of your body is valuable. If there is any kind of ailment and you ignore it, thinking it will be cured over time, without a relapse, you are dead wrong! You will have to keep your health in good condition with regular checkups to ensure, you don’t have to spend a lot in future. Sometimes, if any organ of your body stops functioning or fails, then you will need a transplant.

This kind of surgery that requires an organ transplant costs thousands of dollars. For instance, a kidney transplant would require at least two hundred and fifty hundred dollars for the surgery and procedure. Heart or lung transplant, or any other kind of surgery requires thousands of dollars. Not everybody can afford it. Also, why would you want to spend all of your wealth on bad health when you can live a good life following a good diet?


Insight on how wealth is washed out on hospitalization and other ailments. Neat design, visually appealing.


None as such.

Health & Wealth Infographic


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