24 Funniest Ways to Die

Funniest Ways to Die

At the beginning of the comedic film, It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World, there is an accident and someone dies. The passers-by, however, do not know whether or not he is truly dead until he literally kicks the bucket, as enacted in the scene. There are equally funny (to us, not to the victim of course) ways to die, which are shown in the “Funniest Ways to Die” infographic.

The amazing thing is that most of us here have read or heard of the Top 7 ways to die, or events similar to them. The infographic relates how a woman died when her implanted breasts ruptured. We have read of a recent case in which a woman killed her husband or lover by smothering him in her breasts. Another person was killed by being waterlogged. There have been several reports of college students drinking far too much water in far too short a time, and dying from it.

Dying of laughter is a common phrase, and it apparently did occur to seven people. One person died while watching the film A Fish Called Wanda. One of us watched the film and did find it to be extremely, laugh out loud funny. We are glad that he did not meet a similar end.

This Infographic features funniest ways to die. Brought to you by [Via]
Funniest Ways to Die

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