Man-Bath vs. Woman-Bath

Men are from Mars, women are from Venus. We have all heard of this (and which was the title of a book) that details the thought processes of both men and women and describes how they interact with each other (especially in terms of being parts of a couple). The “Man-Bath vs. Woman-Bath” infographic also details and describes this interaction, and specifically in regards to the bathroom and its use. There certainly are differences in this area, some of which are surprising, and others not so surprising.

It is well known (and perhaps stereotypical) that women hate the toilet seat being left up. However, it is surprising that only 28% of women find this to be an objection. We (as men) have experienced that 100% of our wives object to the toilet seat being left up 100% each time. Both men and women dislike dirty clothes on the bathroom floor, and it is surprising that this is an irritant for virtually the same percentage of men and women.

28% of women dislike toothpaste remaining in the bathroom sink, and men find this characteristic to be the third most annoying thing. However, we are not informed of the specific percentage. Men have a handful (or perhaps more accurately, two handfuls) of personal care products; women apparently have more than one for each and every day of the year. We do not know if this is true or not.

Likes: The mention of The Dream Bath, which hopefully will avert WWIII (a war between husbands and wives).

Dislikes: The “Size and Space” section is unclear and somewhat ambiguous. But this is a likeable infographic overall.

Man-Bath vs. Woman-Bath

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