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We love trivia, but “facts” are sometimes not facts. For example, we have seen at least two mentions that it is impossible for a person to lick his or her own elbow. However, a few YouTube videos and a few webpages prove that this is untrue and that some people are able to lick their own elbows.

This situation may be present in the “Awesome Facts” infographic. One of the mentions is that more people are killed each year by donkeys than in plane crashes. The past one year, at the very least, would be sufficient evidence against the supposed truth of the statement.

There was also the statement that cocaine was used as an ingredient when the soft drink called Coca-Cola was first introduced. This has become so well known that it is now boring, old news. There was also an item for which no one cares, namely that Missouri has never reached the quarter-finals of the NCAA tournaments. Who cares about basketball and who cares about Missouri. Similarly, there was an obviously self-congratulatory, subjective, and most likely untrue statement about something called Fix of Awesome. However, we did appreciate the humour behind it.

We do encourage you to read this infographic, and make your own important (not trivial) judgments and conclusions.

Likes: The information about Thomas Alva Edison. However, it would have been even better if it had included information about Albert Einstein and some more cool trivia.

Dislikes: There were far too few items of trivia, this was just too short.


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