Drug Addict Profiles

The sky is falling! The sky is falling! These are the famous words of Chicken Little (in the United States; known as Henny Penny elsewhere). We often think of these words when we encounter articles and text about drugs in society, such as in the following “Drug Addict Profiles” infographic.

We do abhor such drugs as methamphetamines and cocaine and agree that they are very harmful and no good can come from it. However, the articles and other written works always seem to be authored by apologists for the War on Drugs (more properly known as the War on Civilians). This has fomented a society in which the police routinely confiscate property, possessions and enormous sums of money, as well as killing three-four people (often unarmed) each day on average in the United States, all in the name of protecting us from drugs. If that is not an oxymoron then we do not know what is.

On the other hand, we do appreciate the information against the use of prescription drugs. The infographic shows that its abuse killed virtually the same amount of people in 2010 as did methamphetamines, alcohol, cocaine, heroin and ecstasy combined. It appears that the creator and researcher of this infographic were not paid by the pharmaceutical companies, unlike the politicians in the United States.

Likes: It is intriguing from a historical perspective.

Dislikes: The profiles of the drug addicts, especially that of “the stoner” which seems to be stereotypical and overlooks all the people who use marijuana for its recuperative properties.

Drug Addict Infographic

Infographic by rehab-programs.org

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