Bull vs Bolt

There are some puzzles, conundrums, questions or queries, or other statements which–if you put your mind to it–you can figure out for yourself. Or maybe not. One such riddle is presented in the “Bull vs. Bolt” infographic which presents a theoretical race between a bull (in the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain race) and Usain Bolt, the Olympic Gold medalist.

When this idea was first presented, we concluded that Usain would win handily. Bulls sometime do catch up to people and gore them. However, these people are not as fast as Usain, and there are a great number of people in the race; it is impossible for them to run fast if slower people are in front of them. (Usain though, would overcome this challenge.) Moreover, we perceived that bulls, although fast, are not nearly as fast as any professional runner.

Imagine our surprise when we learnt that Usain can run 37.5 kph while the bull is even faster at 50 kph. Moreover, the race is 825 metres long. Usain has not run in a 400 metre race in very many years. Running twice the distance could make him exhausted and very slow at the end.

On the other hand, bulls slow down tremendously in curved areas. We will just have to wait and see for an actual race to get the true answer.

Likes: The factoid about Juan Pedro Lecuona, the person who tried to be Usain Bolt before there was an Usain Bolt.

Dislikes: The comparison of deaths in the race to those of chess. What is that supposed to mean?

Bull vs. Bolt

Infographic by firstchoice.co.uk

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