Infographic: VMware Virtualization is Everywhere

How do you know what you know when you don’t even know it? We had never heard of the software called vSphere nor of its manufacturer VMware until we saw the “VMware Virtualization is Everywhere” infographic. This software is apparently extremely prevalent in air traffic control systems, as well as army tanks, gambling machines as well as the controls for stop signals. Among business sectors, the software is common in healthcare, finance, telecom and retail and is in virtually all of the top companies in those sectors. It appears that the software is hidden in plain sight.

The software itself is incredible, and has a mind-boggling 1,000 GB memory. It has been around for fourteen years, and the software (called ESX 1, at that time) had 2.68 GB of memory. Even today, that is an incredible amount. A person turns on a VM system once every six seconds on average. This may not be as common as people searching for something through Google, but it is very common for something we had never heard of before.

The concept and the details of the processes involved are probably highly technical and may go beyond the scope of this article. Nevertheless students studying Computer Science and related subjects may find this infographic highly intriguing.

Likes: The comparisons of the vSphere to its earlier incarnations to show its tremendous growth.

Dislikes: The subject is highly technical, and may not be of any use to a layman.

VMware Virtualization is Everywhere

Infographic by ReadWrtieWeb

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