Imperial Royal Wedding

The royal weddings are about extravaganza, splurging of millions of dollars and pounds and creating hoopla amongst the general public. Everyone has always been curious about a royal wedding. Right from the cake, to dress, to every detail about a royal wedding is always given a lot of attention. In this infographic titled, “Imperial Royal Wedding” you will read about the facts of all the royal weddings that have happened in England.

Right from ordering a nine feet cake and a cake that weighs 300 pounds, from creating elaborate wedding dresses that have precious stones and longest of wedding trains, as long as twenty five feet. Millions of people always watch these weddings. The celebrations usually go on for weeks. They are also covered by a variety of television channels.

In this classic infographic, you will also see the family tree of the Royal family of England. Gifts received by the Royal couples during their wedding are thousands in numbers. A lot of money is spent in a days’ time on these royal weddings. Fashion statements the guests make with their stylish hats and bonnets during these royal weddings, are usually the talk of the town.

The fashion stylists and designers are at their peak while designing a wedding gown for the royal bride. Every bit of this royal event creates much curiosity amongst the general public.


The elaborate details of a royal wedding.


A very old infographic that might not interest everyone, unless they are obsessed with royalty.

Imperial Royal Wedding Infographics


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