The Royal Wedding

If you ever wondered, who spent for the royal wedding in England, this infographic will give you an insight into who spent what kind of money on the Royal wedding in England. According to this, some government grants were also used apart from the Queen’s personal wealth to fund this wedding. In this infographic titled, “The Royal Wedding” you will get information about how the tax payer’s money was spent exclusive for this event.

Though most of the expenses were carried out from the Queen’s personal wealth and also some contributions from government funds, nearly a hundred million pounds were contributed by the bride’s parents for honeymoon expenses, the dress, hotel booking etc. According to this infographic, the government raised nearly a million pounds as a grant towards the preparations of this wedding and also arranging for security during the wedding celebrations.

If you are thinking if all the money has been spent only on the wedding, here’s some surprising news for you– you will read that it also boosts the economy of the country. According to this infographic, the royal economy boosts every time there is a royal wedding celebrated in the country. Therefore, it only adds more value to the financial aspect of the nation.


Details about how the finances are handled for the prince’s royal wedding in England.


Might not interest every one. Only those who follow royalty and all royalty related news might dig this.

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Royal Wedding


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