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Google Doodle

If you are wondering whether people who created this search engine are full of spunk, they are! Google has come up with Google doodle to mark any holidays, events, occasions etc, specific to that region or country. It’s their way of displaying public holidays, events, or any other significant day specific to any country. In this infographic titled, “Google Doodle,” you will see very technical information about the hallmarks Google has reached since its advent.
You will see a lot of information about how a page ranks, SEO techniques, and a variety of algorithms that many social media marketers use to leverage the brand presence of their companies online, has been going through major changes since more than a decade.
Google always upgrades its algorithms not just with regard to the search engine alone, but also a variety of Google related apps. Users are able to see only the bigger changes that effect the functioning of these apps. For instance, unless and until the change in Gmail is apparent, the users will not notice it.
Individuals who use SEO services and work on the technical part of page ranking and many other functions will be able to notice these changes and make decisions based on these upgrades. Google has introduced many utility based programs since more than a decade. Google places, Google Instant, etc are just a few additions to the functionality of the search engine.
The technical aspects of a search engine explained.
A regular user might not find this infographic either useful or informative, because it’s too technical.

Google Doodle


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