How Much Do You Know About Facebook Photos

The photo uploads on Facebook are increasing every month. Nearly six million photos are uploaded every month. Most of the users who upload photos on Facebook are females compared to males. It is quite apparent why the obsession of selfies is more amongst females. In this infographic titled, “How Much Do You Know about Facebook Photos” you will see that females and also old people upload more photos compared to males.

Some interesting facts displayed in this infographic is that, everybody likes taking photos with females. Males like taking photos with females, and females too like taking more photos with other females rather than males. Though the older generation likes posting their photos, they don’t get tagged often.

During celebrations such as the New Year’s Eve, nearly seven hundred and fifty million photos were uploaded on that day. It is highly probably that maximum photos get uploaded on the weekends especially Saturdays and Sundays compared to any day of the week. It is also highly likely that only females like tagging people in photos more than males. Therefore, since the average photos that get uploaded in the network of any individual is nearly four hundred, it is increasing the number of pixels a server in a network can hold.


Fun facts about who uploads more pictures on Facebook.


May interest only Facebook addicts.

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Facebook Photos Infographic


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