AirBus A380

The Airbus A380 is a four engine, wide body, double-deck, jet airliner manufactured by Airbus. It is the largest passenger airliner in the world. To accommodate this airliner, airports have upgraded their facilities. This was initially designed to challenge the larger aircraft market that Boeing was dominating. This infographic titled “Airbus A380” covers amazing facts and information about this airliner by Airbus.

This infographic begins with a brief description about Airbus A380. This airliner made its debut carrying 450 passengers with the Singapore Airlines. The first flight was from Singapore to Sydney. The Sydney Airport authorities upgraded their infrastructure by spending $128 million to accommodate this jumbo aircraft. The aircraft measures 72.7 meters long which is equivalent to two big blue whales. This airliner is 24.1 meters high that is equivalent to a 10 storey building. This aircraft weighs 480 tonnes that is equivalent to 165 elephants, 19 cement mixers or 6,373 pigs. The cargo can accommodate 3,000 suitcases.

This infographic even includes a bar graph describing the fuel economy of this jumbo craft from Airbus. This has been done by comparing the fuel economy of the aircraft with the Toyota Prius and Hummer H2. The A380 just consumes 4.05 liters per passenger per 100 kilometers. Toyota Prius consumes 4.7 liters per 100 kilometers in combined driving mode whereas The Hummer H2 guzzles 25 liters per 100km. If you’re an Engineer who likes to find out the technical details, this infographic is a must read.

Likes: Interesting infographic, good use of images and graphs, creative overall.

Dislikes: More facts could’ve been included, comparisons with other airliners would’ve been good.

AirBus A380 Infographic


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