How Much Do Your Boobs Weigh?

Boobs Weigh

Facts are wonderful. Facts are true. But facts can be questionable and contradictory. Such may be the case with the “How Much do Your Boobs Weigh?” infographic. We recently analyzed another infographic that indicated that the B cup was more numerous than any other cup sizes.

The infographic below, however, states that the average bra size is 34D. This is a significant discrepancy. Perhaps women with A and B cups do not buy or wear bras, skewing the statistic higher. Or, perhaps this survey was done in the United Kingdom. The other infographic did indicate that women in the U.K. have bigger breasts on average and this could explain the discrepancy. We simply wish that this was made more plain to the readers.

The diction used here does seem to indicate that the writing came from the U.K., not from the U.S. The various names or synonyms for boob are often unheard of in the U.S. In the top section, there is a reference to a hooter. Fortunately, there is an image so we can recognize it as an owl.

Another curiosity about this top section is the comparison of the weight of the breasts to various other things (like the aforementioned hooter or owl). It compares it also to a coconut. We are not omniscient but it does seem to us that a coconut weighs less, not more than an owl.

Likes: Simple, concise and neat layout.

Dislikes: May seem a little sexist, and may offend women.

How Much Do Your Boobs Weigh

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