The State of Boobs

Best Breast

We have always thought that boobs were voters. Oh wait. “The State of Boobs” infographic does not mean that a boob is the dictionary definition of a stupid person; fool; dunce. The infographic covers average bra size, fake, natural and best breast in the Hollywood.

All kidding aside, it is always nice to keep abreast (pun intended) on various issues. This infographic provides various tidbits of a certain area of the female anatomy. Some of it is good; others are not as good.

Some are surprising. There is certainly a tremendous increase in the number of breast implant recipients. Six years after the latest statistic on the infographic, we surmise that the annual number may have reached a half-million. If these women are getting them because they truly desire it then it could be a win-win situation.

However, we wonder whether or not they are aware of where their money is going. According to the infographic, only 18% of the fee is going to the actual implant and more than half of the fee is going directly to the surgeon.

We found the “scary stats” section to be somewhat disturbing, not because they were scary but because there was not an adequate reference to verify these somewhat outrageous claims. There was the periodical but no specific webpage. Or, do you have to purchase the actual periodical, and if so then for which month and year?

Likes: We like top 5 women with best breast shortlisted in this infographic.

Dislikes: We feel that “The largest breasts”–both natural and fake–turns off more people than it appeals.

Best Breast

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