Everything you need to know about Boobs

Everything You Need to Know About Boobs

Boobs are boobs. There; you have it. The “Everything You Need to Know About Boobs” infographic is a short one that doesn’t require much reading at all. However, maybe it is we who are misleading. After all, boobs are boobs are just three words.

The infographic has the grand total of ten (maybe eleven) words (other than the title). There is the subheading of Fashion advice for ladies (less is mo–presumably more. Then there are various drawings or mannequins of females. There is one described as hot; another as hott–presumably hotter; and a censored version (although why would anyone in his or her right mind decide to censor something that does not exist, other than as a drawing?), and which may include the word hottest.

There, you have it. Ten (maybe eleven) words stating that boobs are nice. It is often said that men have one-track minds and that they think with a part of their own anatomy. That could be true. If so then this infographic tells everything you need to know about boobs. However, it would have been nice if our intelligence were not insulted and that there was actually more information in this infographic.

We suppose that we ought to thank the creator and the researcher (to use the word loosely) of this infographic. There isn’t much time to be spent here though.

Likes: It is succinct. It leaves room for discussion.

Dislikes: The point of this infographic is lost on us.

Everything You Need to Know About Boobs

Infographic by realmendrinkwhiskey.com

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